Carol Glover: Author, Blogger, Radio Show Host

Carol Glover is the Author of “The Clumsy Girl’s Guide to Greatness”, Contributing Author in “The Power of Releasing Judgment“, a Blogger, Radio Show Host, Business Consultant and so much more!

Carol Glover brings her Project Management Professional designation and over 20 years of intense corporate experience to FireHorse Consulting Inc. She continues to provide Management and Advisory services through it.

In early 2013 she discovered that she could bring her personal interest in healing energy work directly to businesses with profound effect. She had an awareness that each business is its own entity (separate from the person who created it) and has its own energy. This led her to consider the business as a unique body and perhaps healing energy could be used to heal the business “from within”. So, she tried it and the changes have been astounding!

Carol now brings her Business Energy Infusions to her private clients, bringing ease to businesses just as effectively as she does to bodies.