Frank McKinley: Tribe Builder

Can you imagine selling 10,000 books? How about 500? How about over 25,000 books!

 Frank McKinley has been a writer since he could pick up a pen. When the boys his age were playing war with toy soldiers and pellet guns, he was designing magazines made of construction paper and crayons. Inside were articles, pictures, even ads! Writing allowed him to sort through his feelings as a troubled teenager. In high school, his poems won first prize in the annual Fine Arts Festival. As a young man, his writing even helped him win his wife!

Frank McKinley wants  your writing read, shared and celebrated.

Now, Frank McKinley is the author of 4 bestselling books, selling over 25,000 copies! He did without a blog, an audience, or an email list. Today he leads two Facebook groups and spends his time helping writers engage readers, sell their ideas, and build their tribes. He is also the host of the Thriving Writers Show on YouTube. When he’s not working, he loves coffee and good conversation.


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