The Grumps: A Love Story ~ Paula Hillick

In this show my guest Paula Hillick and I discuss the power of choosing your feelings. 

Paula Hillick’s book “The Grumps: A Love Story” demonstrates the power of pictures to communicate ideas and to engage all readers. The message of this book is a universal reminder that we always have choice in the way we feel and act AND that kindness (love) always wins.

If you have a child 3-8 years old, this book can help reduce: tantrums, conflicts, bullying, depression, and isolation.

Children are calling it their “favourite book of all time” and parents are saying that it is “really striking a cord.” I believe it – considering that no more than 10 minutes after reading it I found myself in a situation that required her reminder! 

This interview with Paula is a beautiful example of the passionate writer. Listen to the full interview below. I can hardly wait for more stories from her! In the meantime, you can purchase her book here.