When on The Road to Enlightenment… ~ Guest Kellie Fitzgerald

Listen in  as Kellie Fitzgerald and I discuss her book “When on The Road to Enlightenment, Don’t Forget to Take Out The Trash” and her other adventures (ventures) in writing.

In this show we discussed:

  • What it is about this human-thing that makes us fixate on the darker bits of life rather than the light & joy
  • Why it is so valuable to acknowledge and release the anger, hurt, and sorrow on the way to enlightenment
  • What causes repetitive patterns.

Kellie also gifted us with some wonderful words of wisdom like:

“You can’t go wrong being true to yourself.” Kellie Fitzgerald


“Be your own appreciative audience, not your own worst critic.” Kellie Fitzgerald

You can find out more about Kellie here and purchase her book here.

Listen to the show & be sure to tell us what you think!