Speaking About Your Writing with Simone de Haas

My guest on Writing on Air today is Simone de Haas, the Speaker’s Director.

One of the things many writers dread is the thought of speaking about our writing. That’s why we write: so we don’t have to talk to people right?! That’s exactly why I invited Simone de Haas to come give us some pointers about getting out from behind our books. We all want successful book launches and/or speaking careers based on our writing, so why not get good at speaking about our writing?

In this episode, Simone guides us through a few key ideas that any writer can consider while preparing for our events. These include:

  • Preparing for our events: including the differences in preparation between a book launch, an interview and a keynote
  • Ways to build relationships with our audience through individual conversations and story-telling
  • The use of media (pictures and presentation “slides”)
  • a lot more!

Speaking about your writing: the real WHY

One of the key points we discuss is the notion that whether we’re writing fiction or self-help, there’s a deeper reason why you really want to bother speaking about your writing. It’s not just about selling more books, it’s the why you wrote in the first place. Now … doesn’t that take the pressure off the speaking just a little? No? Well, not to worry, you can still become confident about getting out from behind your book.

Simone also offers a Story Alchemy course online which can get you more comfortable with getting out from behind your books!

Watch the video or listen to/download the audio below:

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