A Small Change to The Writing on Air Podcast

Slight Changes to the Writing on Air Podcast

Welcome back to the Writing on Air Podcast! It’s pretty obvious from the gap between episodes that it’s been awhile since I’ve recorded anything for you. Well, that’s about to change.

What’s Changed Exactly?

Well, I’m no longer doing full 1 hour episodes on Inspired Choices Network. I still love ICN and still have my hand in it on the production side but sometimes an hour is too long for me and sometimes it’s too short. So the best thing for me is to strike out on my own …. for now.

You’ll still be able to find the Writing on Podcast on iTunes, YouTube and Soundcloud – so rest easy.

That’s it … that’s the only change.

A Little Dose of Inspiration (or maybe relief)

Also in this episode I speak briefly to life happens  and how sometimes it’s okay to take a break from your writing. Have a listen to hear my whole theory on the topic.

Thanks for sticking here with me and I’m looking forward to much more conversation and joy with you and Writing on Air!